Jenny King Embroidery

Inspired by the works of David Hurn and Maurice Broomfield who have both photographed large and small-scale production within the UK, my work Jenny King Embroidery is a series based at a couture embroidery studio in New England House in Brighton. 

Well respected internationally, making samples and bespoke pieces for the fashion industry using traditional Singer ‘Irish’ machines, Jenny King has honed her craft over the last decade to great acclaim.

Looking at British manufacturing, this series focuses on the people who create and produce unique embroidered pieces in an industrial climate dominated by computerised technology and robotic assembly lines. 

‘Made in Britain’ is a phrase synonymous with quality, style and attention to detail. Through a combination of highly detailed macro images and documentary portraits, we can gain an insight into the traditional highly skilled craft, pride and human touch that still exists within 21st Century manufacturing. King’s artistry and expertise serves as a catalyst and a foundation on which many a fashion collection has been built.

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