I’ve just started the second semester of my second year of the Photography BA (Hons) course at Cambridge School of Art. I couldn’t begin to make a list of all that I have learned as part of my degree, but there’s something very different about assisting a professional photographer as they go about their business. 

I met Tanya Simpson last year and worked as her assistant at various weddings. This year Tanya has taken me under her wing again and we’ve started off the season with the first of many pre-wedding shoots. 

As with any art medium, photographic practices are varied and each photographer has their preferred way of working. Tanya has taught me many things from how to get creative with flash photography to focussing techniques. I’m currently working on how to pose a model and what makes a visually good shot, from shooting the image through to editing and cropping. 

Nina and Nathan’s wedding is just around the corner and I’m really excited about assisting with the photography, and working towards my own portfolio of wedding images.

Syd Barrett - A Celebration

The concert was to celebrate Cambridge resident Syd Barret’s life and music, and to commemorate him with the unveiling of a memorial, CODA by Clare Palmier and Spadge Hopkins, two Suffolk artists, chosen by the Barrett estate to create a piece for the Cambridge Corn Exchange.

I was initially invited by the Barrett family to photograph the relatives that attended the event. Cambridge Live, the organisers, also asked me to take some photographs on their behalf of the concert for promotional purposes and this allowed me access to the entire venue throughout the performance.

My images have subsequently been used by various outlets including Cambridge News, The Cambridge Edition,  The Economist, The Creators Project and We Are Cult

The Alternatives Exhibition - Cambridge Art Salon, Thrifts Walk, Cambridge

I was approached by Cambridge Art Salon in April 2016 who were interested in exhibiting my work to coincide with World Rivers Day on 25th September 2016. 

The gallery is located at Thrifts Walk, just off Chesterton High Street and very close the river Cam, in Cambridge. The location was perfect for the exhibition as many of the riverboat photos were taken in the area and it was great to be able to share my work with the local community, to show them a side of the river that they wouldn’t usually see or experience. 

 As part of the Family Arts Campaign we asked visitors to draw their homes or their dream home, and displayed their artwork on one of the gallery walls. 

The process of exhibiting work is essential experience for any artist. It’s not as straight forward as simply hanging a few pictures on a wall. Months of planning, photographing, printing, framing and marketing went into the exhibition, and the support and expertise of the CAS staff was invaluable. 


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